I’m at that point where I’m annoyingly self-aware, self-deprecating, too full of everything that has been said before and will be said again by anyone that will feel this way. That sick of feeling sick of feeling tired of being tired of sick of feeling tired of feeling sick.

view-master reel:
domestic violent sister
suicidal mom
physically and emotionally absent dad
being the middle-man, “golden child” (comparably at least)
Being depressed, later finding out it was bipolar disorder all along
Mom attempting suicide, blaming my sister and me
Emotionally abusive partner after that ^, a little physical in the end
Not remembering things chronologically in those dark times, like a few years
Having my daughter
Being alone with my daughter because my husband was undocumented
Separating long-distance from said husband
Bringing said husband back with green card
Being a single mother on government assistance until “back on my feet”
Found the man of my dreams~
Have seizure-like episodes
Go to hospital for a few days because episodes
Episodes said to be seizure-like migraines (like how there are stroke-like migraines I guess)
Decided to blog

Things that I imagine that also go through people’s head:
so many have it far more worse (fact)
but doesn’t make my problems less real (true)
maybe others can relate (hopefully)
I guess cathartic to write about
I could write a book with the shit I’ve been through (not really because not that interesting and I don’t have the memory to or the conviction)
Lists are easy


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