On good days like yesterday, the day starts with relief, which brings hope for an easy mental health day. Or at least as easy as it can get. I manage with little effort. I don’t feel heavy trying to last until sleep. Productivity seems possible and presents itself as so. Social interactions aren’t trying, not using up what little energy there may be.

Other times a day can start off good, manageable, hopeful; then I feel betrayed when what I thought was a sturdier foundation cracks and crumbles more and more until the end of the day I sit on debris. A sugar statue melted away easily by rain.



For those who feel cured after taking medication after however long, for mental illness,
then you stop taking it
are you cured?
Or do you go back and forth until you think it has stuck?
Do you ever consider that a fantasy, a hope?

My medication isn’t my white flag I waive daily
They are the life-saving pills I take daily to not be
emotionally devoid
sexually insatiable
starved of attention
picking incessantly at my face
overflowing with guilt
lacking monetary sense/spending copiously

Of course I would love for all of the to go away! In a point of my life, it did. When I was pregnant with my daughter it went away and when she was almost 3yo, it came back even worse than it was before.

Is medication not something that manages mental illness? Like how meds manage diseases? Those diseases don’t get cured but they can get managed.

Tell me how does one control what can’t be controlled? Deal with the unknown?
Does to “get by on your own” mean to scrape by like how I could go from paycheck to paycheck, barely getting by?
Does it have to do with pride? Does it make you feel less of a person?